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Christian Arhoff
< Director>

Danish writer, director, freelance maker of short films.

Cláudio Jordão, David Rebordao
< Director>
Cláudio Jordão – director, screenwriter, producer, editor, actor of full-length and short feature films.
David Rebordao — director, screenwriter, producer, editor of full-length and short feature films.
Hasan Serin
< Director>

Born in 1984 in Bingol, Turkey. Нe studied cinema at Istanbul Yeditepe University. In 2009, after graduation, he established his own production company, Alternatiffilm. He directed several company films and commercials since then. His last short AGRI AND THE MOUNTAIN (was competing in Berlinale, Generation) has been screened in more than 30 international and national film festivals and received many awards.

Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen
< Director>

Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen is a Finnish doc film director and producer with background in journalism, cross media and project management. She has a master degree in journalism and has studied multiple languages. She works as a CEO of production company Mikkelin Mediaali Ltd and continues to do journalistic projects for various distribution channels.


Nikita Popkov
< Director>

Nikita Popkov graduated from Plekhanov Academy and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He is currently a research officer at RAS Institute for Control Sciences. The Getaway is Nikita’s debute film.

Jack Weisman, Gabriela Osio Vanden
< Director>

Jack is an award-winning cinematographer and first-time director living in Toronto. His images have screened at major film festivals including TIFF, Sundance, IDFA, Hot Docs, SXSW, and Big Sky. His credits as cinematographer include When Two Worlds Collide (Best Debut Feature, Sundance 2016); Take a Walk on the Wild Side (2018, Canadian Screen Award for Best Short Documentary); and Prince’s Tale (Hot Docs Best Canadian Short, Audience Favorite Award 2018). Jack is passionate about unique approaches to storytelling and unconventional characters that connect with the natural world. He has a BFA in Film Production from York University (2015). The short documentary Nuisance Bear is his directorial debut.

Gabriela is a cinematographer based in Toronto. With a background in visual arts and dance, she brings an intuitive sense to her work. Projects she’s collaborated on have premiered at TIFF, IDFA, Hot Docs, and Camerimage, among others. Her thesis film Rambler, premiered at Camerimage and she was awarded an internship with Phedon Papamichael ASC GSC who she shadowed on Alexander Payne’s Downsizing. Gabriela has a BFA in Film Production from York University. The short documentary Nuisance Bear is her directorial debut.

Juho Kuosmanen
< Director>

Juho Kuosmanen is a Finninsh film director and producer, actor, screenwriter.



Kirill Zaitsev
< Director>

Kirill Zaitsev was trained to become a navigator at Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg. In 2011 he moved to Riga where he started his acting career and joined Mikhail Chekhov Theater.

In 2016, Kirill starred in Russia’s greatest box-office success Going Vertical (Dvizheniye Vvrerkh) where he played the legendary Soviet basketball player Sergei Belov. Kirill is known also for his lead role as American cop John McKenzie in TV series Cop.


Valdimar Jóhannsson
< Director>
Valdimar Jóhannsson has been active in the Icelandic film industry for two decades, as a leading crew member both in Icelandic films as well as larger service productions. Valdimar has directed short films, some of them award winning and widely distributed. From 2013-2015 he did PhD studies at Bela Tarr´s Film Factory in Sarajevo, Bosnia/Herzegovina. Lamb is Johansson’s debut feature length film.
Bent Hamer
< Director>

Bent Hamer is a film director and screen writer. Bent studied film theory and literature at the University of Stockholm and the Stockholm Film School. 

Alexander Zeldovich
< Director>

Alexander Zeldovich is a Russian film director. Alexander studied cinematography at Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Film Directors (class of Gleb Panfilov and Alexander Mitta) and has been a production director at MosFilm since 1986. Medea is Zeldovich’s fourth feature film. Filmography: Sunset (1990), Moscow (2000), Target (2010), Medea (2021). Each film is an award-winning triumph and success at film festivals.

Vladimir Munkuev
< Director>

Vladimir Munkuev is a Russian film director. He earned his degrees from the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts and The Moscow School of Cinematography (2017; supervising producers Alexey Popogrebsky, Boris Khlebnikov, Denis Klebeev).


Rinat Tashimov
< Director>

Rinat Tashimov is a playwright, actor, stage and film director. Rinat had been an actor with A.Goncharuk Theater Studio in Omsk for six years before he began writing his own plays and joined Kolyada Theater as an actor. Rinat was 26 when he assumed the post of principal director at Modern Dramatic Art Center. Second Sun is Rinat’s debut feature length film.

Stepan Burnashev and Dmitry Davydov
< Director>

Stepan Burnashev is a film director and editor. After graduating from the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science with a degree in computer science and economics, Stepan chose to work in photography and video industry. His first amateur film came out in 2010, followed by the Yakutia’s box office success, thriller Kuta (Quagmire), in 2012.


Dmitry Davydov is a Russian Yakut film director, screenwriter and producer. After graduating from Teacher Training Institute with a degree in primary school teaching, Dmitry worked at F. Lobanov Chapchylgan Secondary School where he set up filmmakers’ club and began shooting short amateur videos. Dmitry’s interest in cinematography grew to turn him into a professional filmmaker in the early 2010s, when Yakutia was experiencing a film production boom.

Pavel Ganin
< Director>

Pavel Ganin is a screenwriter and director. Pavel studied at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (class of D. Rodimin and V. Fenchenko) and wrote scripts for TV series and films for NTV and TNT channels. His short films hold awards from local and international short film festivals including Saint Anna and Mannleu Barcelona. Trigger is Pavel’s debut feature-length film.

Vybeke Bryld
< Director>

Vybeke Bryld is Danish film director and writer. Vybeke holds bachelor’s degree in literature and documentary filmmaking. 

Igor Zhdanov, written by Anastasia Lomakina
< Director>

Igor Zhdanov is television director at POMORIE Radio and Broadcasting.




Anastasia Lomakina is a journalist and participant of Arctic expeditions. 

Henry Mix
< Director>

Henry Mix is an award-winning cinematographer, director, screenwriter, producer. He has been shooting wildlife for more than 15 years and is known for his series of films about Russia, including TV series TerraMater. Henry’s documentaries have been repeatedly awarded the most prestigious awards and broadcast on leading Russian and European channels.

Evgeny Kalachikhin
< Director>

Evgeny Kalachikhin is a Berlin-based film director, editor, colorist, VR and 360 video maker. 

Suvi West
< Director>

Suvi West is Finnish Sammi film director, screen writer and TV host.

Ivan Golovnev
< Director>

Ivan Golovnev graduated from Omsk State University, History Department. He continued as a student of Sverdlovsk Film School (class of Yaropolk Lapshin, 2002) and Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Film Directors (class of Piotr Todorovsky and Natalia Ryazantseva, 2005). Member of the Russian Association of Cinematographers. 

Trond Kvig Andreassen
< Director>

Trond Kvig Andreassen graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Documentary Film with the film Six Degrees in 2014, which won several festival awards and was later Vimeo Staff Pick. Since then he has directed several music videos and documentaries, exploring themes of outsiders, alternative lifestyles and adventure, in addition to commercial work.

Aleksei Golovkov
< Director>

Aleksei Golovkov is a producer, director and founder of EON FILM and a member of the European Documentary Network. Aleksei holds multiple media grants of the Russian Geographical Society and has contributed to many scientific expeditions as participant and organizer. Author of popular science publications in National Geographic Russia.

Kenneth Sorento
< Director>

Kenneth Sorento is a documentary film director and cinematographer. He holds a degree in film, TV and video production from 1999 and is a member of the Danish Association of Cinematographers.

Nikolai N. Viktorov
< Director>

Nikolai N. Viktorov holds a degree in documentary filmmaking from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (class of Viktor Lisakovich and Alexey Gelein)



< Director>

Vladimir earned his degree in film direction from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (USSR Honoured Artist Vladimir Naumov studio). As a director and operator, he joined as many as 15 marine and land expeditions dedicated for popular sciences and has been, since 2009, in charge of the IORAN Video Studio at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology.

Мария Лойтер
< Director>

Мария Лойтер родилась в Архангельске. Окончила Лондонскую школу кино. В 2018 Мария Лойтер окончила сценарный курс в кинокомпании СТВ.  Игровой фильм «Как звезды» стала ее полнометражным режиссерским дебютом.

Alexander Bolotnikov
< Director>

Окончил ВГИК (кинооператорский факультет — игровое кино, мастерская В.И. Юсова), работал на киностудии Мосфильм. Более 20 лет проработал на телевидении на телеканалах ТВЦ (в программе «Русский дом»), и Россия 1 (Вести-Москва). В настоящее время занимается авторским кино, создав творческую группу BOLOTNIKOFF_FILMS.

Inga Sharshova
< Director>

Inga Sharshova is Arkhangelsk-based journalist and film director.

Yulia Vishnevetskaya
< Director>

Yulia Vishnevetskaya is a Russian journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Kuba Witek
< Director>

Kuba Witek is a film director, traveler and author.

Vladimir Nepevny
< Director>

Vladimir Nepevny has been making documentaries since 2001. He is the author of many biography films dedicated to outstanding writers, artists and musicians.

Konstantin Selin
< Director>

Konstantin Selin is a documentary filmmaker. Konstantin did a documentary filmmaking course at France’s SiberiaDOC (2009) and holds a degree from St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television (class of Pavel Medvedev, 2015).

George Tombs
< Director>

George Tombs is an award-winning author and filmmaker. The Blinding Sea is his debut film.

Alexander Ilyin
< Director>

Alexander Ilyin is a film director, producer of non-fiction and animation films, and organizer of film festivals. Alexander is a member of the Russian Association of Cinematographers and the Russian Military Historical Society, and academician of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio


Vladimir Krivov
< Director>

Vladimir Krivov holds a degree from M.A. Litovchin Institute of Film and Television, (sound engineering class of Nadezhda Muradova). Since 2003, Vladimir he has been working as an editing director and sound engineer on the Russian TV channels.

Nikolai Flotskiy
< Director>

Nikolai Flotskiy is Arkhangelsk-based film director. Nikolai studied screenwriting and cinematology at S.A. Gerasimov Russian State Institute of Cinematography and graduated from The Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Film Directors (class of V.I. Khotinenko, V.A. Fenchenko and P.K. Finn).

Svetlana Belorussova
< Director>

Svetlana Belorussova is an anthropologist and film director. She has been leading ethnographic expeditions for about ten years, introducing the world to the cultures of the peoples of Russia and Kazakhstan – Chukchi, Nenets, Khanty, Tatars, Kryashens, Nagaibaks, Kazakhs.

Sergey Malkin
< Director>

Sergey Malkin is a film director, screenwriter and editor.

Nico Falcone Georgiadis
< Director>

Nico Falcone Georgiadis is a film director and actor. She studied in Los Angeles and is based in Helsingborg. 

Viktor Salimyanov
< Director>

Viktor Salimyanov graduated from the Russian State University of Cinematography with degree in acting (class of V.P. Fokin) and film directing (class of A.A. Eshpai and V.A. Fenchenko, 2021).

Alyona Oleynik
< Director>

Alyona Oleynik is a film director and started her career on television, in advertising and corporate cinema. Alyona made her debut film in 2015 and is currently a student of the Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Film Directors (class of Alla Surikova and Andrey Dobrovolsky).

Alexander Gavrilov
< Director>

Alexander Gavrilov is a film director, screenwriter, editor and cameraman.


Hugo Le Gourrierec
< Director>

Hugo Le Gourrierec is a film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. Hugo holds a degree from the European Institute for Cinema And Audiovisual


Shokat Harjo
< Director>

Actor, writer, director, and producer Shokat Harjo was born in northern Syria. During the Syrian Civil War, he was shot and injured by ISIS. During his recovery, he spent several years as a refugee and eventually immigrated to Norway. Harjo wants to use his unique perspective as a foreigner in new lands to express both his own and others’ stories.  Edderoppen is Shokat’s debut film.

Alexandra Shadrina
< Director>

Alexandra Shadrina is an artist, illustrator, animation film director. Alexandra has illustrated books by many authors including L.S. Petrushevskaya. She has had her solo exhibition and is a contributor to multi-artist exhibitions. 

Sasha Svirsky
< Director>

Sasha Svirsky is an artist, author and experimentalist. Sasha graduated from M.B. Grekov Rostov School of Arts.  

Anton Bogdanov
< Director>

Anton Bogdanov is an actor, screenwriter, film director. Anton graduated from the Perm State Institute of Culture with a degree in stage direction. Only I am Normal is his debut feature-length film.

Daria Binevskaya
< Director>

Daria Binevskaya is a screenwriter, director, actress, author and TV presenter on children’s and youth channels. Daria graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts with a degree in acting and performing (class of L.D. Titov and T.I. Galperin, 2012) and the Russian State University of Cinematography (class of V. Akhadov and E. Shelyakin, 2019). 

Ksenia Pchelintseva
< Director>

Ksenia Pchelintseva is a film director. Ksenia graduated from the G. Danelia Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Film Directors (class of Pavel Lungin and Irina Volkova).

Roman Trofimov
< Director>

Roman Trofimov is an actor and film director. Roman graduated from Sidakov Drama School and has directed more than 50 music videos, TV series and shorts.

Zacharias Kunuk
< Director>

Zacharias Kunuk is a film director and producer.

Maxim Dashkin
< Director>

Maxim Dashkin graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with an M.F.A in film, where he focused on directing (class of Oliver Stone). Maxim’s credits since 2009 include award-winning feature-length documentary, TV-series and TV films for main Russian TV channels.

Andrey Karasov
< Director>

Andrey Karasov is Arkhangelsk-based documentary and feature filmmaker and producer.

< >

Erlend Loe is a famous Norwegian novelist, critic, and winner of national and international awards. Erlend worked at a psychiatric clinic, as a substitute teacher, as a stage actor, and has directed a number of short films. After completing alternative civilian service at the theater, he studied literature, cinematology and ethnology in Oslo. Erlend also studied at the Danish Film Academy in Copenhagen and the Academy of Art in Trondheim. Today he lives in Oslo as a writer, screenwriter and translator. As a novelist, Erlend Loe debuted with Tatt av kvinnen (Gone with the Woman), in which he describes the unrequited love of a young Norwegian. Loe has a distinctive style of writing which is often likened to naïve art. His characters seem to want too much from everyday life. He often uses irony, exaggeration
and humor. Loe’s popular novel Naiv. Super. (Naïve. Super.) has been translated into over 20 languages.

Nikolai Khomeriki
< Director>

Russian film director and screenwriter. Nikolai holds a degree from the Higher Courses on Screenwriting and Film
Direction (class of Vladimir Khotinenko, Pavel Finn and Vladimir Fenchenko, 2000). His first work was the three-
minute-long Drop, which won the prize from the Sopot Film Festival, whose jury was headed by Krzysztof Zanussi.
In 2001, Khomeriki was awarded a training grant by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France. Four years later, he
completed the PhD program in Film Directing at La Fémis in Paris. Shortly before his graduation, Nikolai joined Philippe
Garrel as an assistant for his Regular Lovers, which won the Silver Lion at Venice Film Festival.

In 2005, Nikolai Khomeriki’s short film The Two Of Us was selected by the Cannes Film Festival for its Cinéfondation
(student films section) and won the second prize. Khomeriki’s first feature length film 977 was screened in
the Un Certain Regard section at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. His Tale In The Darkness (2009) made it to the
official selection of Kinotavr and the Cannes Film Festival and was followed by Churchill, Heart’s Boomerang, The
Dragon Syndrome, I’ll Be Back Soon. The next big premiere, The Icebreaker, took place on October 20, 2016 Starring Pyotr Fedorov and Sergey
Puskepalis, this film is partly based on a true story that occurred in 1985 onboard the icebreaker Mikhail Somov,
which was trapped in the Antarctic ice and spent 133 days drifting.

In 2017, Nikolai Khomeriki began filming a thriller based on the script by Sergei Minaev and his novel “The 21 -Century
SpiritLess. Selfies”. The film was released on February 1, 2018 and stars Konstantin Khabensky, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Yulia Khlynina, Anna Mikhalkova and Severia

Another mystery thriller, The Ninth, premiered on November 7, 2019 The film stars Evgeny Tsyganov and follows a string of violent murders in St. Petersburg at the late 19th century. The investigation is headed by Colonel Rostov and British clairvoyant Olivia Reed, who, with each new victim, are faced by mystery and supernatural.
Freeze Dance marks Nikolai Khomeriki’s long-awaited return to independent filmmaking, as critics put it. The film won the main prize from Kinotavr 2021.

Иван Зимин
< Director>

Родился в Москве, в семье музыкантов. С детства тяготел к изображению, закончил детскую художественную школу в 2011 году. В 2013 поступил на
кинооператорский факультет. В 2019 закончил с отличием. За время учебы снял 12 короткометражных игровых фильмов. После окончания института
перешел в режиссуру. Как режиссер снял 3 короткометражных игровых фильма и 1 документальный полнометражный.

Too much Norway (2005)
< Director>

He is a director and producer in the documentary genre. North is his feature debut. He first joined the production company Motlys in 1998 as production assistant and researcher for a historic documentary on Roald Amundsen. He then directed the feature length documentaries Too much Norway (2005), to commemorate the country’s centenary, and 99% Honest (2008) about a hip hop band. Both films were released in the cinemas and received critical acclaim.


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