< Arkhangelsk Region Welcomes Arctic Open Film Marathon>

On February 1, Tuesday the municipalities of Arkhangelsk Region will welcome the 5th ARCTIC OPEN Film Marathon.

An echo of the eponymous film festival, ARCTIC OPEN Film Marathon was first held in Arkhangelsk Region in 2017 as another format of free film screenings. Since 2019, the event was joined by more regions of Russia. Last year during the pandemic, when ARCTIC OPEN Film Marathon was held online, the geography of its audience tripled.

This year, viewers in different parts of Arkhangelsk Region will be able to see some of the films of the 5th Arctic Countries Film Festival competitive selection free of charge. Screenings will be held in the area’s cinemas, film clubs, community centers and libraries.

The film marathon sees its mission not only as introducing viewers to new Russian and foreign films – most of which are not in wide distribution – but to show what life is like in the northern Arctic territories live, bring enthusiasts of festival films together, and serve as a discussion venue.

The film marathon will show a total of 22 films by crews that have agreed to have them shown – documentaries, shorts, feature length films, children and youth films, family movies.

As in previous years, the films have been grouped into programs of various duration according to subject and age. Please see the lists on https://arctic-open.com/kinomarafon-2022/ or http://fbereginya.com/kinomarafon/kinomarafon_2022.php These films are made in Russia, Norway, Denmark, and France. Among them are the jubilee Arctic Open winners and laureates.

True Stories And Tales (documentary)

The municipalities of Arkhangelsk will see two films by local directors – Igor Zhdanov and Anastasia Lomakina’s The Voices of the Quiet Bay and True Stories And Tales, the documentary by Inga and Alexey Sharshov. Both the films hold ARCTIC OPEN Media Jury Mention.


The selection includes Africa, the family film by Daria Binevskaya that follows the children faced with a difficult choice and a miracle in the besieged Leningrad.

Viktor On The Moon

Christian Arhoff’s Viktor On The Moon holds the Best Short Film award from this year’s Arctic Open and will be shown as part of the film marathon, too. At the online meet-the-artist session after its showing in December, Christian Arhoff regretted he couldn’t be there in Arkhangelsk. He also said he might soon be filming the feature length film about Viktor and would be happy to present it in Arkhangelsk at the next festival.

On Thin Ice (documentary)
Between Arctic and Antarctic (documentary)

This year, the film marathon features a whole program of the films about the Arctic. Among them is Henry Mix’s On Thin Ice, Aleksei Golovkov’s When The Snow Melts Down, Ivan Golovnev’s Land of Kereks, and Alexander Ilyin’s Between Arctic and Antarctic.

The organizers expect the films to be shown in at least ten municipalities of the region.

The film marathon will last until the 30th of May. Its organizers hope that, as in previous years, its audience will include more regions. As soon as the epidemiological situation allows, the films will be shown in some of the municipalities of Komi Republic.

In April, the films of the 5th Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN are scheduled for screening at the 6th International Arctic Forum “The Arctic – The Territory of Dialogue” in St. Petersburg.

The conditions of film screenings, the film marathon program, and the memo for onsite organizers are available at BEREGINYA Pomor Culture Foundation webpage in Film Marathon 2022 section:


The 5th Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN is a project of BEREGINYA Pomor Culture Foundation. ARCTIC OPEN is supported by the Presidential Grant Fund for Cultural Initiatives, Arkhangelsk Governor Center, Arkhangelsk Ministry of Culture, and is co-organized by Northern (Arctic) Federal University.



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