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(Steklyannaya Garmonika)>

Director y Andrey Khrzhanovsky
Production RUSSIA
21 мин.

An allegorical narration about the fate of art, this animated film uses as its leitmotif the transforming masterpieces of the world painting. The soul-enriching sound of the glass harmonica is killed by rulers to make the city
barbaric again – the story that repeats every time a new musician turns up in the city.

< Director>

Andrey Yu. Khrzhanovsky is a well-known Soviet and Russian cartoonist, screenwriter and educator. He is Merited Artist of the Russian Federation, Russia’s Honored Man of Arts and two-times winner of the National Award, and co-founder of the Animated Cartoon Design School called SHAR. Khrzhanovsky is best known for his cartoons Once Upon A Time There Lived Kozyavin, Glass Harmonica, The House That Jack Built, Wonder of Wonders, The Royal Sandwich, A Lion with Grey Beard, to name a few.

Khrzhanovsky’s recently released animated film The Nose Or Conspiracy of Mavericks (2020) – based on the eponymous story by Nikolai Gogol (The Nose) and an opera by Shostakovich – has been highly acclaimed by the critics as a 2020 masterpiece. 80-year-old Khrzhanovsky said he nurtured the idea for about half a century. The characters, along with Shostakovich and Gogol, include Vsevolod Meyerhold and Mikhail Bulgakov.

A full-length animated film from living classical cartoon industry guru known both domestically and globally, Andrey Khrzhanovsky’s The Nose Or Conspiracy of Mavericks holds Best Feature award from the prestigious Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Mirazh Cinema in Shopping mall “Evropark”, hall #6
Arkhangelsk, 17 Troitskiy av
y Andrey Khrzhanovsky
Ретроспектива фильмов классика отечественной анимации Андрея Юрьевича Хржановского


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