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Director Grigory Kolomiytsev
Production Russia
1 h 15 min

Nine-year-old Andrey lives on the sea coast and finds it hard to speak a common language with his mother and all others. One stormy day he finds a dead dog on the shore and takes it for a mythical creature, Chupacabra. Andrey decides the creature has a magical power and is meant to save him and his family from the trouble.

Wiesbaden goEast – Honourable Mention

Grigory Kolomiytsev
< Director>

Grigory Kolomiytsev graduated S.A. Gerasimov Russian State Institute of Cinematography (class of A. Kott, V. Kott and V.A. Fenchenko, 2017). Grigory has awards and nominations from more than 80 film festivals. Chupkabra is his debut feature-length film.



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