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THE ELUSIVE BEAUTY (Leshukonye.Uskol’zayushchaya Krasota)>

Director Directed by Anna Antonova & Artem Kirilkin
Production RUSSIA
19 мин.

On the edge of Arkhangelsk Region stands a wild, pristine forest. One of the last of its kind. Few know about it. Even fewer have seen it firsthand. Recognized by experts as national heritage, the forest is under the threat
of being cut. The World Wildlife Fund team sets out on an expedition to Leshukonia to come back with ample proof of its uniqueness.
They’ve taken on an important mission. In case they fail, this documentary will be all the Leshukonia taiga can be remembered by in a
few decades.

Mirazh Cinema in Shopping mall “Evropark”, hall #6
Arkhangelsk, 17 Troitskiy av
Directed by Anna Antonova & Artem Kirilkin
Фильм представит Николай Ларионов - руководитель представительства WWF в Архангельской области, после просмотра фильма общение со зрителем


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