< IN A ROOM AND A HALF (Poltory Komnaty, Ili Sentimental’noye Puteshestviye Na Rodinu)>

Director Andrey Khrzhanovsky
Production RUSSIA
2ч. 10 мин.

life and work of one of the geniuses of the twentieth century, Joseph Brodsky. Based on Brodsky’s literary works, drawings, biography,
but above all inspired by Brodsky’s prose, it complements the poet’s recollections with accounts of his contemporaries and critics.
Joseph Brodsky was one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. A winner of the Nobel prize in literature and Anna Akhmatova’s
favorite student, he was a man of versatility and mystery. Brodsky lived in Russia and the United States. A great communicator who conversed
with geniuses and mediocrities with equal ease, he had fallen from favor with the power. The tragedy of his difficult life, and of the era
he lived in, is most fully reflected in his poetry.


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