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< UFO>

Director Ivan Vyrypaev
Production RUSSIA
1ч. 37 мин.

C A live stage performance, UFO brings together the stories told by people in different countries about their contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Burrowing into the core of human psyche and such of its sides
as selfishness, sense of security, faith in God, gratitude, spirituality, the film virtually creates a therapeutic effect. Statistically, contacts with
extraterrestrials have been claimed by 6 million people globally. 2 million claim they were abducted and spent some time in an unknown
space, and only 9 appear to have experienced something completely incredible.

Ivan Vyrypaev
< Director>

Ivan Vyrypaev is an actor, film director and playwright associated by the modern critics with ‘new drama’ style for his distinctive philosophy, worldview and approach to creating films and performances. Ivan Vyrypaev holds Grand Prix from the New Drama festival (2007) for his stage performance July. His project called Oxygen earned him the Golden Mask in category ‘Innovation’. Ivan Vyrypaev is one of the most significant figures in the modern theater, his plays are staged by some of the most notable performance companies in Russia (Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater, Piotr Fomenko Studio) and abroad and have been translated into dozens of languages.

From 2013 to 2016, Ivan Vyrypaev was a manager at Praktika Theater, where he staged a whole series of performances. On a parallel track, Vyrypaev acted as director for his own films including Euphoria, Delhi Dance, and Salvation.

In the early 2020, Vyrypaev joined online cinema Okko for the Okko Theater project where he acts as general producer. He spotted the potential for moving the theater art online even before it had gone mainstream during the pandemic. His idea has nothing to do with conventional videoing of stage performances and is about creating full-fledged film plays on the interplay between cinema and theater.

Mirazh Cinema in Shopping mall “Evropark”, hall #6
Arkhangelsk, 17 Troitskiy av
Ivan Vyrypaev
После просмотра фильма онлайн-встреча с режиссёром картины Иваном Вырыпаевым. Модератор – Егор Москвитин, кинокритик, кинообозреватель Прямая трансляция Аrctic open,,, портале "Культура РФ"


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