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Director Piotr Khiki, producer Sardana Savvina
Production Russia
1 h. 46 min.

1942 While all the forces of the country are thrown into the fight against fascist Germany, in Aldan there are gangs of GULAG inmates robbing gold mines and civilians. The largest of them collects stolen gold to organize a military coup in the Far East and join Japan. In their footsteps, a small detachment of the NKVD under the leadership of Senior Lieutenant Karasev is sent through the snow-covered Yakutia …

Script by Lyubov Borisova (Won’t Let The Sun Go Down OnMe), director of photography Ivan Semenov Caskil 2,TRUEPAC, The Bonfire: a Yakutian tragedy, etc.), production designer Sargylana Skryabina (Mummuttar, Toyon kyyl, Tiyeteybit, etc.), producer Sardana Savvina (The Bonfire: a Yakutian tragedy, Toyon kyyl, Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me).

Mirazh Cinema in Shopping mall “Titan Arena”, hall #7
Arkhangelsk, 20 Voskresenskaya str.
Piotr Khiki, producer Sardana Savvina
Session with film producer Sardana Savvina, SakhaFilm company manager, promoter of Yakut cinema, and member of the ARCTIC OPEN jury.


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