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Director Alexander Zeldovich
Production Russia
2 h 19 min

A modern interpretation of the myth of Medea, the film follows a woman led to despair by betrayal and loneliness. She is ready to pay any price for the sake of her future with her lover; but resentment drives her to revenge.

Kinotavr IFF 2021 – Mikael Tariverdiev Award for Best Music

Locarno IFF 2021 – Special Award for spectacular rendition of Euripides’ tragedy updated to modernity without distorting its poetics

Alexander Zeldovich
< Director>

Alexander Zeldovich is a Russian film director. Alexander studied cinematography at Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Film Directors (class of Gleb Panfilov and Alexander Mitta) and has been a production director at MosFilm since 1986. Medea is Zeldovich’s fourth feature film. Filmography: Sunset (1990), Moscow (2000), Target (2010), Medea (2021). Each film is an award-winning triumph and success at film festivals.



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