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Director Pavel Ganin
Production Russia
1 h 38 min

Ksenia is a lonely girl who needs to deal with a trauma from her past. She is currently a success on YouTube, making ASMR-videos. Philip becomes a frequent viewer of the channel and wants to meet Ksenia offline. To him, it is nothing but a fetish; but, to her, the relationship can have bigger proportions.

Window to Europe Film Festival - The Art of Experiment Award

Pavel Ganin
< Director>

Pavel Ganin is a screenwriter and director. Pavel studied at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (class of D. Rodimin and V. Fenchenko) and wrote scripts for TV series and films for NTV and TNT channels. His short films hold awards from local and international short film festivals including Saint Anna and Mannleu Barcelona. Trigger is Pavel’s debut feature-length film.



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