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Director Rinat Tashimov
Production Russia
1 h 30 min

Two Tatar women, Latifa and Mesavara, in a god-forsaken village in Eastern Siberia have as of late lost their spouses and are trying to figure out how to live alone. Intertwining local customs and national flavor, the director skillfully creates a line of absurdity that unfolds in separate chapters that bring the village inhabitants together.

Windows to Europe FF – Best Emerging Filmmaker 

Rinat Tashimov
< Director>

Rinat Tashimov is a playwright, actor, stage and film director. Rinat had been an actor with A.Goncharuk Theater Studio in Omsk for six years before he began writing his own plays and joined Kolyada Theater as an actor. Rinat was 26 when he assumed the post of principal director at Modern Dramatic Art Center. Second Sun is Rinat’s debut feature length film.



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