Full-length fiction, animation and documentaries
from Artic countries' directors

The Arctic Open Film Festival is a socio-cultural project in the Arkhangelsk Region that carries out extensive educational and awareness-raising work in the field of contemporary audiovisual art, cinema and culture throughout the year; it is an open area where the author and the viewer meet eye to eye.

The International Film Festival of the Arctic Countries “Arctic Open-2020” presents a film program, which included 24 full-length fiction, animation and documentaries from Russia, Denmark, Canada and Sweden. From 4 to 6 December in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk there will be out-of-competition screenings of premiere films by directors of the Nordic countries, retrospectives and thematic programs. To meet with the audience, Russian directors will come to Arkhangelsk in person, and foreign colleagues will contact the audience online.

ICFSA motto Arctic open
< To make the Arctic closer >
The main topic of the ICFSA Arctic open is Man in the Arctic. The world around man, truth and being.
Unite the Arctic countries and integrate their culture
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The film festival has been held at the venues of Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Novodvinsk since 2017. The III International Film Festival "Arctic Open" was included in the list of the main tourist events in Russia TOP-200 "The best events in Russia - 2019".


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