The ARCTIC HEAT Laboratory is an experimental training program run by KinoPort project, a sub-project of the 7th ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival. The Lab seeks to promote inter-regional cooperation by starting student film crews united by cinematography and inspired by the North as a destination for many different nationalities and cultures.

The Lab will involve student filmmakers from the Republic of Uzbekistan and videographers based in Arkhangelsk. It will have as an outcome the experimental, locally made footage-based series of videos called Arctic Heat.

Stage 1

The student filmmakers explore the northern culture, history, traditions, ethnic diversity, and iconic locations of Arkhangelsk and its villages (Malye Karely Outdoor Museum of Wooden Architecture, White Sea Coast, Northern Dvina River, Kyar Isle (Kegostrov Island), White Sea Coast Museum of Folk Crafts and Artisanal Trades, Pomor Shipbuilding Association’s Shipyard, etc.) through online talks and sources.

Stage 2

Field work. The student filmmakers arrive in Arkhangelsk with completed production scripts. The local videographers, selected through a competitive process, will be helping them to implement their ideas and make footage.

Stage 3

Direction and editing. Under the guidance of film director and course leader Yusup Razykov, the Lab participants will create five 2.5 to 3 minute videos under the common title “Arctic Heat” and theme “North is home we all share”. There are no limitations as to genre and stylistics of the films.

PARTICIPANTS: Student filmmakers of Tashkent-based campus of Gerasimov Russian National Institute for Cinematography (VGIK Uzbekistan) and videographers based in Arkhangelsk Province. Student filmmakers: 5 first-year students of Razykov Studio majoring in film direction, aged 18-24, interested in filming in Northern Russia (Arkhangelsk). Videographers: 5 professional videographers employed by TV channels or video projects, who are based in Arkhangelsk Province and motivated to contribute to the local film industry.

HOSTS (tutors):

Yusup Razykov, film direction course leader at Tashkent-based campus of Gerasimov Russian National Institute for Cinematography (VGIK Uzbekistan).

Pyotr Menshikov, videographer, cinematographer, editing director, project’s technical manager (Arkhangelsk).

Taisiya Menshikova, philologist, cultural specialist, Public Relations Officer at NArFU, c project’s training manager.

Marina Titova, translator (Swedish and English), cultural critic, specialist on Nenets culture, member of Arkhangelsk Region Young Scientists Council, member journalist of Interethnic Journalism Guild, tour guide specializing on Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk Province.



October – November 2023: Student filmmakers explore the northern culture, history, traditions and ethnic diversity of Arkhangelsk and its villages through online lectures and talks. Identification of film theme, drafting of director’s script, choosing from among proposed locations. The online talks will be delivered by local historians and project mentors.

15.10.23: Open call for videographers. Application submission. Eligibility: skillset, competency, motivation.

21.11.23: Announcement of the selected videographer candidates.

01.12.23 – 10.12.22: Student filmmakers’ arrival in Arkhangelsk. Trip to Malye Karely Outdoor Museum of Wooden Architecture to see shooting locations. Walking tour of Arkhangelsk, shipyard, etc. Filming – 3 days. Postproduction (editing, title production, record studio) – 4 days.

10.12.2023: Public presentation of the Arctic Heat series of videos. Award of participant’s certificates and gifts.

VENUE: NArFU TechnoPark.

Every course participant is expected to produce the minimum of 5 short films with a running time of up to 3 minutes, in any style or genre. Devoted to the theme “North is home we all share,” the resultant films will form a series called “Arctic Heat” – a collection of videos portraying the North, its ethnic communities, their commonalities and differences. The Arctic Heat videos will be shown in the assembly hall of the NArFU Intellectual Resources Center – Scientific Library. To embrace wider audiences, the series will be broadcast live on the VKontakte social network.


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