V Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN REGULATIONS


Hosted by the city of Arkhangelsk, the V Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN (hereinafter, ‘ARCTIC OPEN) is a venue for competitive presentation of films shortlisted by its film selection panel.

The participating countries include Russia, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and USA


ARCTIC OPEN sees its goal as presenting the films made recently in the Arctic countries; supporting the creative endeavors being pursued by full-fledged and beginner filmmakers in the eight Arctic countries, each boasting a unique film culture; promoting the documentaries, large screen and short films by Nordic directors; enhancing the status of the film art among Arkhangelsk audiences; creating regional film clubs networks and societies; among others.


The V Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN will take place in Arkhangelsk, December 9 to 12, 2021.


The organizer of the festival is the Pomor cultural foundation “Bereginya”
co-organizers – Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Ministry of Culture of the Arkhangelsk Region.

The body in charge of the procedures to regulate the presentation of the films is ARCTIC OPEN Directors.


ARCTIC OPEN’s program is stage-wise:

Stage 1 involves preparations and delivery of the V ARCTIC OPEN;

Stage 2 echoes the Arctic Open selection by showing its films in local municipalities.

ARCTIC OPEN program features:  

  • best feature length film nominees;
  • best short feature film nominees;
  • best documentary nominees;
  • non-competition showing of releases from the member countries of the Arctic Council;
  • special showings, retrospectives, Films Night;
  • III Arctic Documentary and Popular Science Film Idea Pitching;
  • workshop: “The Art of Moderating Movies Houses” workshop. Target audience: film clubs in Arctic region and in North-Western Russia;
  • business program: thematic discussion involving filmmakers, researchers, public figures, students, Russian and international Arctic media, authorities and business interested in promoting the development in northern areas;
  • workshop: “Creating Interactive Installations” based on the experience of vvvv program.
  • workshop on organizing and delivering Inclusive Exhibition “The Feel of Painting”
  • “Big Cinema to Small Villages” campaign
  • International lab “Specifics of Stage and Film Acting”;
  • roundtables, exhibitions, presentations, press conferences; and
  • entertainment program.


To apply for participation, please fill out the form https://forms.gle/gST31LtPGR559gn6A

All Russian films submitted to the selection panel must have English subtitles and all international releases Russian subtitles. Applying is free.

Arctic Open welcomes full-length feature films (max. duration: 60 min), shorts (max. duration: 30 min) and documentaries (max. duration: 90 min) made in 2020-2021. Shortlisted films should be presented in DCP format.


The deadline for submitting links to the selected is October 20, 2021. We reserve the right to de-select the films submitted after October 20, 2021.

The official deadline for ARCTIC OPEN participation applications is October 10, 2021.

The official deadline for ARCTIC OPEN participation applications is October 10, 2021.


The body responsible for selecting films is the selection panel. The selection panel reserves the right to withhold comments or explanations as to reasons for possible rejection.

Arctic Open will announce its official selection on October 25, 2021.


A submission can be nominated only in one category and may not appear in two or more categories. All submissions will be viewed by the selection panel of three members, who will be watching the submitted films between October 10th and 24th. The official selection will be posted on our we: https://arctic-open.com/

We kindly expect films in the official selection to provide:

  • materials for including into our catalog (synopsis in Russian and English; film director bio and filmography; photo of the film director; stills/film frames), preferably close-ups;
  • editorial script or dialog continuity in English and Russian;
  • link to teasers/trailers/montage;
  • films by international filmmakers should had Russian subtitles and Russian films English subtitles;
  • materials we can post on out (press release, stills/film frames/photos/pictures of main characters, preferably close-ups).

It is a requirement that your application is filled out in accordance with these Regulations. In the event you fail to provide a fully completed application or provide an application that contains errors, or if your film is unsubtitled, Arctic Open will not be liable for any incorrect or incomplete details of your film that may appear on our info/promo materials.

All films shortlisted for the official selection should send, to ARCTIC OPEN’s address given below, all the materials (documents, info and promo materials) as specified in the application form, within the time period indicated by ARCTIC OPEN. Please attach these materials (documents, info and promo materials) to your participation confirmation letter. All demo versions must be in original language and have English subtitles (or Russian in case of international submissions).


Films submitted for watching by ARCTIC OPEN and shortlisted for the official selection must not contain advertisements or promotional materials, otherwise ARCTIC OPEN may delete such ads or promos from the received copy

The deadline for submitting the shortlisted films is December 1, 2021. The transportation of the films to and from the screening venues is the responsibility of Arctic Open.

The shortlisted films should be collected from Arctic Open on December 12, 2021 at the latest. Arctic Open will not be responsible for safekeeping of the copies after December 12.

In extraordinary circumstances, owners are allowed to deliver their film copies in person, in which case the delivery and safekeeping of films will be owners’ sole responsibility. Film copies must be provided at least two (2) days prior to the official showing date.


Films shortlisted for any of ARCTIC OPEN’s selections, including the official one, may be shown the maximum of four (4) times without prior written consent from the film producer or their authorized representative.

Regardless of owner of film distribution rights, all films on ARCTIC OPEN’s official selection will form part of the post-festival events as may be scheduled for showing in Arkhangelsk Province until April 30, 2020.


All films in ARCTIC OPEN’s official selection will be judged by four jury panels (one for full length feature films, one for short feature films, one for documentaries, and one for children’s and youth films) consisting of competent connoisseurs of filmmaking, their minimum size being twelve (12). The chair of each jury panel will have two (2) votes.

Neither of the three jury panels may include members who have been engaged in making or commercial distribution of any of the selected films. The jury panels will select winners in each of the nominated categories. The members of each jury panel agree to refrain from making public statements concerning the selected films prior to ARCTIC OPEN closing date.

The expenses relating to the stay of each of the jury panel members at ARCTIC OPEN throughout its duration, will be borne by ARCTIC OPEN.


Any and all issues and matters relating to invitation of guests, as well as to the duration and conditions of their stay, are the responsibility of and will be dealt with by ARCTIC OPEN directors.

It is a requirement that each of the films in official selection has a representative present at ARCTIC OPEN during its official days.

ARCTIC OPEN undertakes to cover its participants’ accommodation and catering expenses throughout ARCTIC OPEN’s official showings and cultural and business programs.

ARCTIC OPEN reserves the right to invite guests, journalists or experts as it sees fit and regardless of whether such guests, journalists or experts have or have not been directly involved in making of any of the competing films. The conditions of their stay are subject to individual agreements.

ARCTIC OPEN is free to invite distinguished workers of culture, filmmaking or performing arts, or political or business community members as it deems fit.

ARCTIC OPEN may, at any time and without giving reasons, withdraw accreditation of any of the individuals it has accredited for participation and thereby limit their access to the Festival’s activities.

Media participation requests will be accepted within the timeframe to be indicated by ARCTIC OPEN separately.


Media are requested to email their journalist accreditation applications to ARCTIC OPEN’s press center: arctic.kinofest@gmail.com. Your accreditation requests are kindly expected between November 1 and December 1, 2021.

Expenses relating to journalist’s participation in ARCTIC OPEN are the responsibility of their employer.

ARCTIC OPEN may at its sole discretion cover, fully or partially, the invited journalists’ accommodation and catering expenses. In case of full coverage, invoices and payment documents will not be issued by ARCTIC OPEN to the journalist.

Journalists undertake to attend all press conferences and film showings on ARCTIC OPEN’s program.

ARCTIC OPEN reserves the right to deny journalist accreditation without giving reasons.

ARCTIC OPEN may, at any time and without giving reasons, withdraw accreditation of any journalist it has accredited for participation and thereby limit their access to the Film Festival’s activities.


The accreditation cards will be issued to the accredited guests, media, and film entrepreneurs at ARCTIC OPEN’s main office during the registration hour on ARCTIC OPEN’s opening day.


Winning films will be awarded with statuettes, special prizes, diplomas, or valuable presents.

ARCTIC OPEN’s award nominations list includes

Official selection:

Best Full Length Feature Film

Best Short Feature Film

Best Documentary

Best Children’s and Youth Film

Best Feature Length Film Director

Best Feature Length Film Scriptwriter

Best Feature Length Film Camerawork

Best Short Feature Film Director

Best Short Feature Film Scriptwriter

Best Short Feature Film Camerawork

Best Documentary Director

Best Documentary Camerawork

Best Documentary Script


Special prizes from sponsors: 
Honorable Mention

Contribution to Russian Filmmaking Industry

ARCTIC OPEN jury may resolve on extra nominations subject to approval from its directors.


By participating in the Film Festival you agree with all sections of these Regulations.

ARCTIC OPEN reserves its right to amend its program of events. In the event a dispute arises with respect to these Regulations, the Regulations in Russian will supersede their English translation. ARCTIC OPEN will not be liable for claims relating to copyright or any associated rights.


Arctic Open operator: BEREGINYA Pomor Culture Foundation
Web  http://fbereginya.com/
E-mail office@fbereginya.com

Project: V Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN
Web  https://arctic-open.com/
E-mail arctic.kinofest@gmail.com

Legal address:
5 Pomorskaya St., office 405, 163000 Arkhangelsk


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