The BUSINESS PART of the 7th International Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN is called “THE ARCTIC OF THE FUTURE. ARCTIC 2062” and will involve role-playing games and sociotechnical practices.

“The Future of the Arctic Begins Today!”


We start with cultural venue to bring together filmmaking industries, Arctic media, science, arts, NGOs, tourism sector and businesses to create a model of the positive and attractive future of the Arctic in the context of the “care economy”. It sees man and wildlife as interdependent parts of an ecosystem, where the Arctic communities act as co-creators of development, not consumers or conquerors. In their homeland, they are keepers of the unique ethnic identity, they are drivers of change and are prepared to take responsibility for their Arctic home.

PARTNERS: “Russia-2062”, a project of non-profit “Bolshaya Zemlya”.

Russia 2062 is about utopia and action. History knows hundreds of examples when the future turned out to be different from the one expected. Russia 2062 is run by people of the modern Russia, who are renewing their country and building their new future here and now. They are the people with a mindframe different from the one required of us by the global world of efficiency. Russia 2062 builds the future using the best of today’s world.

Russia 2062 has been founded by Oleg Stepanov, a radio host, expert of the RF State Duma Committee on Economics, holder of the 2022 MEDIAmaker Award and the 2008 Man of Letters Award.

The Russia 2062 concept has been developed by Boris Akimov, an entrepreneur and author of Bolshaya Zemlya project.


Use project sessions and role playing to create the model Arctic areas of the future (with focus on Arkhangelsk), as well as generate ideas, themes and plots for further projects and creative pursuit; arouse interest among the media and filmmakers by offering fresh ideas, plots, cases, characters that can be sourced here in Arkhangelsk for constructive, unconventional approaches to the economic, social and environmental challenges being faced by Arctic residents in their trying to make their home a better place.  

FORMAT: Lectures, interactive talks, simulator games.

PARTICIPANTS: filmmakers and participants of the 7th ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival – Arctic media, local community leaders, NGOs, tourism sector, businesses, research teams of NArFU, government officials, schools and cultural institutions, including Russian Arctic National Park, Kenozero National Park, Golubino Park Hotel, Information and Tourist Center of Arkhangelsk Region, Yagry Forest watchdog, Arkhangelsk Region Agency for Strategic Development, Northern Maritime Museum, Arctic Floating University, NArFU, among others.

HOSTS and MODERATORS: Boris Akimov and Oleg Stepanov, the drivers and intellectual stand of Russia 2062; Dmitry Zakharov, Mikhail Zabelin and Daria Krupenina, game facilitators of Saint Petersburg-based Metaversity Sociotechnical Studio.


“North 2062: What could the future of the Russian Arctic look like?” Talk by Boris Akimov and Oleg Stepanov. Screening of the film “Russia and Its Near Future: Exploring the Russian Arctic Instead of Mars”. Conversations about ways to unlock from the culture of consumerism in economy, social relationships, treatment of nature, human settlement.

Interactive talk “Economics and Culture”. Oksana Osinina will give an online talk about how cultural changes alter economies and will share her personal experience of starting projects based on this trend.

Interactive talk “Northern Cities and Villages: Future Transformations”. Arseniy Simatov, a restoration artist who hosts the popular blog “Extreme Art Studies” and had literally walked all the way from Moscow to Sakhalin while popularizing rural architecture, will give an online talk about the values of the northern villages and how to bring them back to life.

Game Lab. Hosts: game facilitators Dmitry Zakharov and Mikhail Zabelin of Saint Petersburg-based Metaversity Sociotechnical Studio, game master Daria Krupenina. How has the “image of the Arctic” evolved over time? What projects and services are needed for a major breakthrough in the Arctic development? These and other questions will be answered by looking at film industry, journalism and cultures as facilitators of development in the real-life Arctic. Participants of a dedicated role-playing game will have the chance to create and play out possible scenarios by trying on different roles and following multiple courses of action towards their desired result using the resources at hand. 

“Beauty as a Local Development Driver”. Talk by Boris Akimov and Oleg Stepanov. Screening of the film “Russia and Its Near Future: Resilient Society and Zemstvo System”. It is our firm belief that local well-being cannot be without robust economy. A place with poor economy should be abandoned. But what if we are wrong? Are there other drivers of development? In our talk, we will give reasons and examples of the projects that do prove we are.

Interactive talk “Community as Zemstvo System of Local Administration. Don’t leave things to other people.” Anna Panikhina, who has joined the “Happy People of Yaroslavl” community, will give an online talk showcasing the experience of transforming the town of Yaroslavl through community effort alone, without public money or help from town authorities. What helped the local residents succeed? The energy of being united.


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