The FIlm Pedagogy School is going to become the first ever held in Arkhangelsk Region. Intended for teachers and professionals working with children and adolescents, the School will consist of two stages – the online course and in-person classes in Kenozero National Park.

A new trend in teaching, FILM PEDAGOGY forms part of cultural cluster and social technologies. Promoting it is ARCTIC OPEN’s long-term goal.

We are convinced that instilling film taste in viewers should start in the childhood. The idea of starting a film pedagogy school as a new trend here in Arkhangelsk Province traces back to 2019 and we are going to continue with it as part of our training program.

By starting our Film Pedagogy School, we are entering a new stage in our efforts to integrate filmmaking into local schools and cultural institutions. Earlier, the members of the School were able to learn the basics of film theory at the conference called “Cinema and Children” (held as part of Film Bridge ARCTIC OPEN-2022, supported by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives) and have stated in their feedback that they would like to deepen their knowledge and be able to teach kids to make films.

STAGE 1: Online course

(January-March 2024)

The online course has been developed by Tatiana Zhukova, film director, holder of the National Award “Golden Eagle XXI” in Best Short category, film direction tutor. Training sessions will be hosted by make-up artists, producers, costume designers, editors, and directors of photography.


To provide basic training in film process, film crew roles, and filming preparations.


Employees of cultural institutions, extra-curricular education teachers, film club managers, media studios.

STAGE 2: In-person classes


The Film Pedagogy School will have around 17 participants who will spend 10 days in Kenozero National Park learning the art of filmmaking. Here in the land of Pomors, Kenozero National Park has a reputation as a spiritual place and source of creativity where man can feel unity with homeland.

The shooting process will be guided by the tutors and take place within 4 days, following which the two groups will have 3 days for editing. Each group is expected to shoot and present one film with a running time of minimum 6 minutes.

The Summer Film School in Kenozero National Park is designed to provide participants with the unique knowledge and skills for working with children, as well as motivation to start media studios or children’s film schools and to lead film education at their schools, clubs, libraries, and community centers in Arkhangelsk and its districts. Each participating teacher will involve in the filmmaking process a group of children or teenagers, who we hope will get inspired to make their own films and contribute to the formation of a socio-cultural film cluster here in the land of Pomors.


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