The ARCTIC OPEN – CHILDREN selection has become a tradition and will be shown during the fall break so as to involve a wider audience of school students. As schools will be out, the opportunity to see new films and meet their actors and directors will be available to whole classes. Many will come with parents and, traditionally, share about how they felt about the films. By bringing adolescents and adults together, film festivals fulfill an important mission. ARCTIC OPEN – CHILDREN will involve directors and producers of the films selected for the official selection and non-competition program, as well as child actors and their parents.

The films selected for the 2023 ACTIC OPEN – CHILDREN will compete in 3 categories – Best Children’s Feature Film, Best Children’s Short Film, and Best Child Actor.

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Child actors, who usually present the films alongside film directors and are always glad to interact with audiences, are the most important highlight of the ARCTIC OPEN – CHILDREN. Meetings with film crew members and child actors will be coordinated by professional moderators.

The ARCTIC OPEN – CHILDREN jury will be chaired by Tatiana Kiseleva, a prolific director, creative producer of the animated series Umka, cartoonist at Soyuzmultfilm.

The ARCTIC OPEN – CHILDREN non-competition program features:

ECO-Cinema VR sessions. The VR sessions will take viewers to the bottom of the White Sea and back to a new film. Can it be possible? Sure. Thanks to the virtual reality created by the film crew led by Vladimir Marin, who runs the IORAN Video Studio at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology. Vladimir will present his film The Underwater World of the Beluga Whales. VR Immersion.

Vladimir Marin

Film director, screenwriter, cameraman. Vladimir runs IORAN Video Studio at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology and has been on more than a dozen of marine expeditions as a director-cameraman.

CARTOON RETROSPECTIVE.Inessa Kovalevskaya’s Legendary Cartoon Musicals Retrospective” is timed to the 90th anniversary of Soyuzmultfilm’s famous animation director.

Inessa Alekseevna Kovalevskaya

Animation director and screenwriter, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Inessa Kovalevskaya is best known for the first Soviet cartoon musical The Bremen Town Musicians. Her other cartoons once adored by so many Soviet children include The Boat, In the port, Chuchelo-Myauchelo, The Tale of a Priest and His Servant Balda, among others. Inessa Kovalevskaya made a total of about 30 cartoons.

MEET-THE-ARTIST SESSIONS: Directors, actors, producers of the films on Arctic Open children’s program. Don’t miss your chance to join live post-screening discussions filled with good emotions and impressions.

Join us for the creative conference “Kids on Big Screen” with emotionally charged, sincere talks on equal basis with child actors, film directors and parents.

At CartoonPort SHOW, child singers of the local vocal studios will be performing songs from the cartoons directed by Inessa Kovalevskaya.


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