Our cooperation with Komi-based cultural institutions has been progressing successfully since 2021. With quite a number of municipality-owned cinemas, the Komi Republic has seen spontaneous emergence of multiple film clubs and associations. According to KomiKino, they currently number around 30 and are based in different municipalities.

The problem is that their organizers are lacking the experience of organizing screenings and hosting the post-screening talks, as well as knowledge of the possible forms of work and regulations around screening and distribution rights. Nor is there experience exchange or a coordinator for it. One possible candidate for becoming one is KomiKinoVideoProkat, the Komi Republic’s oldest film industry institution with a large archive of films.

With extensive experience in setting up local film clubs, we have some guidance to offer. The WORKSHOP FOR KOMI-BASED FILM CLUBS ORGANIZERS is the Arctic Open team’s response to the request from KomiKino and its cinema houses. Notably, the workshop will be held as part of the festival for our Komi guests get first-hand experience of the festival and everything that goes with it.


To provide training in the field of film club management, particularly with regard to planning and organizing quality screenings followed by discussions; to present film clubs to local residents as a form of leisure, social gathering, and venue that can motivate private initiatives on self-employment, creative pursuits, and leadership qualities through organizing local film clubs; to set up a guidance provider for the local film clubs using the resources of KomiKinoVideoProkat.


Komi Republic’s municipality boards, cultural institutions, schools, community centers, youth centers, cinema houses, activists intending to set up film clubs (potential organizers), as well as stakeholders based in other Russian regions.


In-person sessions will he hosted by experts with experience in organizing local film clubs and cinema houses – V. B. Skubey, documentary filmmaker, teacher, member of the Documentary and Television Film Guild, workshop manager; O.N. Akhmedzyanova, “Social Cinema Hall” project manager based in Perm; Sergey Polishchuk, psychologist, head of Media Education Department at Perm Cinematheque. Other speakers include professionals based in Omsk, Moscow and not only.


  • Film club organization and management.
  • Conduct of post-screening talks and discussions: audience analysis, film selection, best practices of Arkhangelsk and Perm.
  • Trial post-screening talk with Arctic Open’s audience.

PARTNERS: Documentary and Television Film Guild (Saint-Petersburg), Komi Republic Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Archives, KomiKinoVideoProkat.

Co-financier: KomiKinoVideoProkat.


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