film critic, film festivals curator, University of Bologna faculty staff member, programmer for Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, award-winning translator and recipient of prize for adapting Ivan Vyrypaev’s play Oxygen and the Yeltsin Foundation Award for translation and curation of Alexander Sokurov’s book Russian Ark.


film and stage actress, recipient of the Russian Government Prize in Culture, winner of prestigious awards from Russian and international film festivals. Victoria holds a degree from the Russian University of Theatre Arts (class of Joseph Heifitz, 1996). She worked at Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theater and appeared in about 70 roles in films and on television.


Artem Vasilyev is a founder and general producer of the METRAFILMS group of companies  founded in 1993. Artem is a member of European Film Academy, European Producers Club and the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science Nika.

METRAFILMS Company Group consists of a production company METRAFILMS and Studio METRAFILMS. Studio focuses on animation production, created and produced such a highly anticipated series as Kid-E-Cats, Lex & Plu as well as animation features.

METRAFILMS is one of the leading independent film producing companies, specializing in development and production feature films, series and documentary projects.


<IRINA VASILIEVA> – chairmen

screenwriter, director, producer. Irina holds a degree in screenwriting from the Russian State Institute of Cinematogarphy. She wrote and directed more than 30 documentaries, some of which earned her prizes from multiple film festivals in Russia and abroad. Irina holds three Laurel Branch Awards. She is a member of the Russian Cinematographers Association, KinoSoyuz, International Academy of Television and Radio (IATR), and NIKA TV Academy. Irina Vasilieva is artistic director and general producer at Fishka-Film Studio.


an artist, traveler and active member of the Russian Geographical Society since 2008, Alexander has traveled the world from Micronesia in the east to the Galapagos Islands in the west. As he travels around the countries, he explores their history, culture and geography. Alexander is the author of travel articles, he lectures and gives talks on sunken ships, ancient civilizations and their evolution and history of conquests. Since 2012, Alexander co-hosts the Traveler program on VOT Channel. He is the author of projects “In the Footsteps of Grand Expeditions” and “Permanent Expedition to Ladoga” and the organizer of environmental actions for clean water bodies. As part of this activities in the Russian Geographical Society Office in St. Petersburg, since 2008 Alexander Ingilevich has been the Secretary of the Commission for Latin American Studies, since 2012 the Secretary of the Commission for Ocean Geography, and since 2018 the Chairman of Film Commission.


film director, screenwriter, cinematographer. Olga holds degrees from Krasnodar State Institute of Culture Faculty of Broadcasting and Theater Arts (2001) and Internews Independent Film and Television School. After ten years of working on Russian TV channels, Olga enrolled in Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov School of Documentary Films and Theater and successfully completed her courses in 2013. Since 2015, she has been delivering documentary filmmaking workshops at GogolFest, Mirror, Rudnik, On the Edge: Go West.


<SARDANA SAVVINA> – chairman

producer, Yakut films promoter, organizer and presenter at Yakut Film Club, curator for Yakut International Film Festival, head of international cooperation at Arctic State Institute of Culture and Art, translator.


A professional screenwriter, Maria earned her degree from Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography Facuty of Theater Studies and Theater Criticism, and did a course at EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) where she presented her project Symphony. Maria is the author of more than 30 projects, including theatrical productions (The Master and Margarita, Onegin, Lolita, etc.) and films and TV series (The 16th, Battalion, Twists of Fate, The Wall, Nevsky, Two Tickets Home, Streets of Broken Lights, etc.).


cinematographer, screenwriter, producer, Vice-President at the Russian Guild of Cinematographers (RGC), member of IMAGO International Federation of Cinematographers, co-founder ARCO TEAM cinematography talent agency, curator and host of cinematography workshops at Moscow School of New Cinema and INDUSTRIA School. Max Trapo’s cinematographic skills earned him multiple awards from film festivals in Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, and Germany. Max acted as director of photography for more than 30 films and TV serials and worked with many Russian film directors – Mikhail Segal, Alexander Kott, Dmitry Dyachenko, Roman Kachanov, Andrey Eshpai, Vyacheslav Ross, Evgeny Zvezdakov, Vladimir Mirzoev, to name a few.



film and stage actress, voice artist, film director, producer, TV host. Nadezhda made her directional debut in April 2016 at Movement FF with Churros serial. In November 2018, Nadezhda presented her first full-length feature film – gruesome shocker Cursed Seat, followed by short One Mango, Please (2020) which earned her Golden Eagle Award.


film director. Anar holds a degree from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography – VGIK (class of A.E. Uchitel and A.I. Gelein, 2011) and multiple awards from Russian and international film festivals. His first short film, Beethoven (2009), holds Best Documentary Award from VGIK Festival and special jury mention from ArtKino festival. Anar’s second short film, Qurban, earned him Special Jury Award of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Best Director Award of The Unprecedented Cinema International Festival of Short Film. Amun is Anar Abbasov’s feature directional debut.


director of pedagogy at Arkhangelsk Puppet Theater, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. Marina is the author and co-author of plays, performances, scripts for New Year’s theater performances. She holds a degree from Leningrad Institute of Culture (now St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts). Since 1972, Marina worked at puppet theaters in Murmansk, Krasnodar, and Izhevsk. She joined Arkhangelsk Puppet Theater in 1984 and is known also for her work in the Council for Children’s Theaters at the Russian Theater Society (now the Association of Russian Theater Workers). Marina Melnitskaya is the creator of local ‘theater to children, culture and schools” concept.




screenwriter, cameraman, film critic, editor-in-chief at Rusnord information and analytical agency, author of a series of programs on central TV channels.


TASS resident correspondent in Arkhangelsk Province. Irina worked on local television, collaborated with various Russian periodicals and media, has ten years of experience as a lecturer at PSU/NArFU Department of Journalism and holds “Best Journalist of Arkhangelsk Region” and “Golden Pen of Arkhangelsk Region” awards. From 2013 to 2017, Irina worked as Deputy Director for Tourism and Environmental Outreach at the Russian Arctic National Park. She took part in expeditions to Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, Vaigach Island.


editor-in-chief at the area’s major mouthpiece, The Pravda Severa. Svetlana holds the title of Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation and awards from professional journalism competitions, in particular, the National Award – Journalist of the Decade and Arkhangelsk’s Best Journalist. She is twice winner of the “Golden Pen of Arkhangelsk Region” Award.


journalist. Valery holds a degree in journalism from Leningrad State University (1984). He worked at Arkhangelsk Radio (1984-1987) and as literary manager at Arkhangelsk Youth Theater (1987-1989). Valery has been the editor for Radio Pomorie since 1989. His poems have been published since 1988.


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