< 1,228 from 184 countries! That’s the number of submissions received by the 7th ARCTIC OPEN IFF between July 15 and September 10.>

So, the call is now closed… What’s next? The most exciting part. The Arctic Open — Children programme (November 2-5) will announce its selection in October, and ARCTIC OPEN’s Official Selection (December 7-10) will be announced in December.

Some figures:

Shorts: 757

Documentaries: 381

Feature films: 166

Arctic Open – Children submissions: 110

A total of 1,228 films, some of which qualified for multiple categories*

TOP 5 submitting counties:

Russia: 164
Iran: 121
India: 82
USA: 47
Turkey: 45

The shortlist will include about 50 films for screening at the ARCTIC OPEN’s venues in Arkhangelsk Province.



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