< ARCTIC OPEN 2023 Opening Ceremony>

ARCTIC OPEN 2023 will open its doors on December 7 on the stage of Arkhangelsk’s Lomonosov Drama Theater. The traditional ‘Arctic carpet’ part will be followed by Make Your Movie award ceremony, presentation of the jury, and jazz.

The festival will roll out the Arctic Carpet for its guests and contestants at 18:30 on the square in front of the theater.

“This year’s “frozen ribbon” cutting ceremony will be accompanied by fiery rhythm of drums,” says Elena Rezitskaya, production director of the Arctic Open opening ceremony.

At its seventh opening ceremony, ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival will present its jury and announce winners of its public quest “Make Your Movie”, for which the top prize is a Hus-Ski X–400 by POMOR. Four more films will receive gifts from the Northern Maritime Museum, Igry Razuma, Arkhangelsk Rafting and Hiking Tours travel company, and Show-Hello Arkhangelsk.

This is how the neural network presents participants of Make Your Movie quest

Don’t miss our Port Town Music Show that starts at 19:00. It features Sweet Hot Jazz Band and its frontman Vova Che Morale, a singer and trumpet player with a flair of a rock musician, whose charisma and flawless vocal improvisation earned him the nickname “Louis Armstrong of Saint-Petersburg”. Sweet Hot Jazz Band will be delighting the Arctic Open guests with old iconic tunes and their own pieces.

“Every Sweet Hot Jazz Band concert is accompanied by Vova Che Morale’s talks that are more like a hilarious standup with funny, touching setups and punchlines that may sound paradoxical to some. The emotions Vova bestows on the audience make you want to join in with his songs. His shows are always spontaneous and have everyone in the room singing along as one. Sweet Hot Jazz Band will be playing their special selection at Arctic Open that has both popular jazz hits and the band’s own songs. We have songs inspired by the ocean and we’ll definitely perform them. Can’t wait to see you all in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk and give you the warmth of the cold Petersburg,” says Sweet Hot Jazz Band producer Victoria Lenskaya.

The concert will take place on December 7 at 7 pm. Tickets are available on our website and Drama Theater central box office.

Sweet Hot Jazz Band and Vova Che Morale will be playing also in Severodvinsk – together with Tim Dorofeev’s Band. Time and place: December 8, 6.30 pm, 2 Boychuk Str. Apart from the shows in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk, Sweet Hot Jazz Band will be hosting a jazz singing session for the local music students.



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