< LET THE 7TH ARCTIC OPEN FF BE! “The Future of the Arctic Begins Today!”>

The Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives has announced the winners of its second grant competition in 2023.

Of the 9,899 applications, funding will be provided to 1,071 projects that deal with arts, creative industries and culture.

Among the winning projects is Arctic Open Film Festival! With a score of 77.5, it starts in 2023 and will last into 2024. Alongside the official selection, the 7th Arctic Open FF  features a special selection “ARCTIC OPEN – CHILDREN”; retrospectives of cartoon musicals timed to the 90th anniversary of cartoon maker Inessa Kovalevskaya; VR sessions of the ECO-cinema “Underwater World: Wild Whales”; ARCTIC HEAT, the inter-regional training programme which will involve Tashkent-based student filmmakers of the Russian National Institute for Cinematography; workshop for Komi-based film club organizers; film camp “Digital Pedagogy” in Kenozero National Park; public IT quest “Make Your Movie”; Arctic Open Film Marathon as an alternative form of distribution; “Big Cinema to Small Screens”; Arctic Open Barrierless; outdoor Arctic Cinema; and more.

Обретение точки опоры, места силы, локальной идентичности, уверенность в будущем своей земли необходимы как кинорежиссеру, автору в поиске региональных историй для создания картин, так и кинопедагогу, работающему с детьми, и, конечно, зрителю. С этих позиций мы и выстраиваем наш проект.

Finding a foothold, a place of strength, a local identity, confidence in the future of their land are necessary for both a filmmaker, an author in search of regional stories to create paintings, and a film teacher working with children, and, of course, the viewer. From these positions we build our project.

Click here to find out more: https://фондкультурныхинициатив.рф/public/application..

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Arctic Open FF is organized by non-profit BEREGINYA Pomor Culture Foundation.



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