< Welcome Address by the Arkhangelsk Governor Alexander Tsybulsky>

Dear friends! Let me greet the guests, participants, and viewers of the 7th International Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN.

Once again, the next few days will turn Arkhangelsk Region into a venue where its residents can meet actors and filmmakers from across the world – a venue where human concerns are addressed in the language of cinema. Alongside films, the festival features outreach events, training sessions, and business activities.

I am aware of the role the ARCTIC OPEN IFF plays towards promoting the film industry, contributing to the image of Arkhangelsk and its municipalities as nice filming locations. Not only do events like this increase awareness and skill level within film communities, cultural workers and school students, they offer a pathway into the fascinating world of cinema and the filmmaking process.

I thank everyone involved in organizing and promoting ARCTIC OPEN IFF. Let me wish participants success and good impressions from their experience in the North. Enjoy the delight of discovery as you watch the films and meet the artists. Selecting the best is never easy, but I hope the jury will cope with their task just fine!



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