< Welcome Address by the Elena Kudryashova Northern (Arctic) Federal University Rector>

Dear friends,   I sincerely congratulate you on the start of a remarkable event – the 7th International Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN.

The “big screen days” have become a long-awaited experience here in Arkhangelsk and its municipalities among people of all ages. The Arctic Open organizers never cease to amaze us with a variety of stories, genres, and finds, allowing us to meet filmmakers. Importantly, this festival is about those who live and work in the Arctic – the people who are cultivating the glory of the Russian industry, education, science, arts, and take pride in their homeland. One thing worthy of special mention is the Arctic Open’s business program. Diverse and eventful, it brings together filmmakers, scientists, artists, media, businesses, and tourism companies. This year’s program has its focus on the peoples, fragile nature, history and cultural attractions of the Russian Arctic as prime targets of “economy of care”. As you promote your Arctic agenda, you can rely on the enthusiastic team of M.V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University as your partner. I am sincerely glad that NArFU continues to contribute to Arctic Open IFF as its co-organizer and am sure it will go on in this role. Let me wish participants and viewers memorable meetings, productive communication and every success!  


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