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Director Anatoly Bochkarev
Production Russia
37 min

Sonya is an orphan abandoned by her parents. Born with a serious illness, she cannot walk. Kind woman Natasha takes her away from the orphanage and does everything to get the girl back on her feet. One day Sonya learns about Old Believer Agafya Lykova and says she wants to meet her. Brining the disabled child through taiga forest along difficult terrain not every adult can walk is a great challenge, but such is the beginning of this story of love, faith and empathy.

Anatoly Bochkarev
< Director>

Anatoly Bochkarev was born on 11.03.1983 in Saransk, Russia. In 2012 graduated from the Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov (VGIK). 



2023 – “Agafya and Sonechka”, documentary

2022 – “Schoolchildren”, short film

2019 – “Airfield”, documentary

2018 – “I live in paradise”, documentary

2017 – “Rural School”, documentary

2015 – “Winners”, documentary


Intellectual Center – Scientific Library of SAFU, social platform “ARCTIC OPEN without barriers”
Arkhangelsk, 1 Smolniy Buyan st
Anatoly Bochkarev
Сеанс из трех фильмов: Я РАССКАЖУ ВАМО ВАШЕМ ОТЦЕ, ГДЕ Я, МАМА?, АГАФЬЯ И СОНЕЧКА.После фильма общение с режиссером Анатолием Бочкаревым


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