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Director Stepan Burnashev & Dmitry Davydov
Production Russia
1 h. 36 min.

A minor adolescent fight enters parent chat and leads to a serious conflict. In the meantime, a hospitalized underage girl is denied urgent surgery until midnight when she becomes of age. Somewhere in a block of flats there is a man who starts a secret love affair with his neighbor, and in the house next to his a young man loses money he has borrowed from a businessman because exchange rate goes awry, while a crazy old man goes to town to meet the man who killed his son. The drama of life puts characters to having to make life-and-death decisions.

Stepan Burnashev and Dmitry Davydov
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Stepan Burnashev is a film director and editor. After graduating from the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science with a degree in computer science and economics, Stepan chose to work in photography and video industry. His first amateur film came out in 2010, followed by the Yakutia’s box office success, thriller Kuta (Quagmire), in 2012.


Dmitry Davydov is a Russian Yakut film director, screenwriter and producer. After graduating from Teacher Training Institute with a degree in primary school teaching, Dmitry worked at F. Lobanov Chapchylgan Secondary School where he set up filmmakers’ club and began shooting short amateur videos. Dmitry’s interest in cinematography grew to turn him into a professional filmmaker in the early 2010s, when Yakutia was experiencing a film production boom.



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