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Director Andrei Ogorodnikov
Production Russia
25 min.


From rural teacher to recognized local historian to enemy of the Soviet system. Timofei Evsevyev (Evseyev) was one of the first ethnographers and folklorists to unveil the secrets of the rites practiced by his people. The handwritten manuscripts he started writing more than a century ago now comprise the “golden pool” of the indigenous culture of Mari and are of value for the entire Finno-Ugric world. A recognized international scientist, Evsevyev was sentenced to death by the country whose legacy he worshipped and protected.

Andrew Ogorodnikov
< Director>

Andrew Ogorodnikov was born on March 10, 1989 in the city of Kozmodemyansk (Republic of Mari El). In 2022, he studied “Filmmaking” at the New York Film Academy (New York campus). Before fully immersing himself in filmmaking, he graduated Interregional Social Institute in the direction of “Psychology”. Andrew fulfilled his desire for cinema with his directorial debut “Closer” (2017), where he also participated as a screenwriter, editor and sound engineer at the same time. The film made it possible to declare himself at numerous international and Russian film festivals, which was reflected in awards and prizes. In the fall of 2018, Andrew was invited as a jury member at the Ringerike International Youth Film Festival (Norway), where he simultaneously shoots his first international project “Unseen” (2019). In 2020, Andrew was invited by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Mari El as a director to work on a series of films dedicated to the centenary of the Republic “Heritage. Mari El” (2020) and “Today. Mari El” (2020), where he first revealed himself as a director at the intersection of the documentary and fiction genres. At the same time, he is shooting the first ever film about the Traditional Mari Faith “Onaen” (2020). In 2022, Andrew becomes the winner of the competition “Russia – a look into the future” of the Regional Film Support Fund of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and successfully implements the project “EVSEEV: Recognition at the cost of life” (2022), dedicated to the famous local historian, whose ethnographic collections make up the “golden fund” of the Mari culture and significant for the entire Finno-Ugric world. At the same time, Andrew is studying in the USA at the New York Film Academy, where he shoots a number of fiction short films “Lost & Found” and “Weightless” (2023). To date, the international laureate and film director Andrew Ogorodnikov actively participates in various film projects and continues to fulfill his potential as a director.

Cinema complex “Rus”, big hall
Arkhangelsk, 7 Timme st.
Andrei Ogorodnikov
После фильма общение общение с режиссером Андреем Огородниковым. Модератор: Юрий Ерофеев
Intellectual Center – Scientific Library of SAFU, social platform “ARCTIC OPEN without barriers”
Arkhangelsk, 1 Smolniy Buyan st
Andrei Ogorodnikov
Фильм с тифло и сурдопереводом. После фильма встреча с общение с режиссером Андреем Огородниковым.


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