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< Golova-Zhestyanka (Tin Head)>

Director Ivan Kapitonov
Production Russia
1 ч. 55 мин.

Zhenya (16) is the living image of her nickname Zhest (Harsh), ruining relationships with everyone around after surviving concussion and leg injury. She walks with a limp, is cynical about life, and blaming her best (and now former) friend Prikhodka, targeting all her anger and cynicism at him. Zhenya is hard on everyone – her parents, older brother, friends and classmates. Everything changes when she meets a robotics society, headed by Stanislav who becomes her mentor. By interacting with robots, Zhenya learns to communicate with people, she starts to enjoy life and, most importantly, forgives and regains her old friend.

< Director>

IVAN KAPITONOV was born in 1979 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow University of the Humanities and completed the Higher Courses on Screenwriting and Film Direction, following which Ivan started his own film company, QS Films, which specializes on thrillers and mystery films. Ivan co-authors 2018 Cannes-selected Leto (Summer). His debut as a director took place in 2021 with Ledyanoy Demon (Ice Demon), followed by Golova-Zhestyanka (Tin Can Head, 2023).


2021 / Ledyanoy Demon (Ice Demon), feature, 1h 32m

Ivan teaches Film Production as Svobodnoye Kino (Independent Cinematography) school. In 2019, he teamed up with Svyatoslav Podgaevsky for the course called Horror Workshop that they teach at the Cinema and Television School “Industria”.

Ivan Kapitonov made his directional debut with Ledyanoy Demon (Ice Demon), released on October 28, 2021.

The dramedy Golova-Zhestyanka (Tin Can Head) is Ivan Kapitonov’s second film where he acted as a production director.



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