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< The Captain Of Sumbawa Ocean>

Director Harsa Perdana, Muhammad Farhan
Production Indonesia
23 min.

Jabaruddin (40), who is often called Haren, is a sea captain who has been at sea since he was 15 years old. For Haren Sangor sea is the main source of livelihood, not only for his family but also for other fishing families.
Small catch has an impact on the fishermen’s economy, so it is not uncommon for their wives to work extra hours and even become female workers (TKW) to provide for their families. One example is Suharni, Haren's wife who decided to become a migrant worker and had to separate from Haren and her three children for many years. The development of increasingly massive information technology is also used by Haren. With an internet connection that can be accessed up to the middle of the sea, it makes it easier to map fish potential and market it. Communication via the Internet improves the relationship of Haren and his wife. Haren tries to convince her to return to Indonesia.



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