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< Korol Baklanov (The King of Cormorants)>

Director Daria Razumnikova
Production Russia
16 мин.

Little Andrey is raised in a family of aviculturists and wants to learn more about the birds and their language. One day he finds out that the birds on Lake Baikal are in danger

< Director>

Born on November 17, 1988 in Moscow, director and screenwriter Daria Razumnikova studied Feature Film Direction at the HSE University Higher School of Journalism (A.V. Fenchenko, A.K. Kotta & V.K. Kotta studio, class of 2012) and earned one more degree, “21st Century Film Director”, from Mikhalkov Academy in 2021 (V.A. Fenchenko & V.I. Khotinenko studio).

Daria’s film idea pitched best in the 2014 Pitching Lab “KultBureau” and later, with the support from its team, grew into the award-winning film Not A Word About Your Mother (2014), which won prizes in Russia and the USA.




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