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Director Dinara Drukarova
Production Belgium, Iceland, Russia, France
1 ч. 24 мин.

Lili has left everything behind to travel to the edge of the earth and accomplish her dream, fishing the Northern seas. She persuades Ian, the captain of a trawler by the name of Rebel, to give her a chance and let her join the crew. The only woman on board, they call her Sparrow. Hidden behind a frail appearance is a will of steel, and her courage and determination ultimately win over their respect. Adopted into this world of often unfortunate individuals, Lili will conquer her right to live differently, free.

Динара Друкарова
< Director>

Актриса, режиссер. Дебютировала в фильме «Это было у моря» (1989). Признание пришло после выхода фильма «Замри — умри — воскресни!» (1989). В 2022 году состоялся режиссёрский дебют Динары Друкаровой «Лили и море».



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