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Director Yixin Li
Production China
29 min.

In the end of 2022, a series of changes made middle-aged man Li Dong is about to completely lose faith to his life.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, he experienced layoff from work. To hide from his wife, Zhang Yan, he pretended to leave for work early in the morning and returned home late every day. Forced to make a living, he began to drive Uber.

To seek inner peace and meaning of life, he even started to practice diving, a symbolic sport that he was never able to make the jumping step. Near to the quarantine end, Zhang decided to file a divorce with him which he has been try to avoid the conversation.

Desperately, he dove into the water once and once more and hope this could became the trigger to re-callibrate his life back to norm.

Mirazh Cinema in Shopping mall “Titan Arena”, hall #4
Arkhangelsk, 20 Voskresenskaya str.
Yixin Li
Сеанс из четырех фильмов: ТУМАН, ПОТЕРЯННАЯ ЖИЗНЬ, ПОЧТИ, ЗИМА ЛЕТОМ. После фильма общение с режиссером Исин Ли


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