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< Serious and Lively>

Director Song Jie Ying
Production China
5 мин.

We all were once children and will inevitably get old. Under the red flags in the sunshine, everyone was a child. As time went by, our lives improved and mindsets evolved. Good or bad. Forward or backward. One thing that stays is the family love and the innocence of childhood.

< Director>

Native of China’s Shaanxi, Song Tse Ying graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University and worked as art director at JSBC. The period between 2009 and 2019 saw him on the post of a director at Shaanxi Documentary Alliance. In 2020, Song Tse Ying joined Shaanxi Jiefeng and Chengdu Tiandi.

Certificate (2020)

Tirana International Film Festival (Oscar) – Excellent Film Award; Chinese Revolutionary Film Award – Best Film; Chinese Golden Jasmine Award – Best Film; Chinese Golden Jasmine Award – Best Direction

Rock sugar (2021)

TBIFF International Film Festival (India) – Award Nominee; RSFF International Film Festival (Italy) – Award Nominee



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