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Director Inga Sharshova
Production Russia
27 min.

In the 1920s, Archimandrite Veniamin and his associate Hieromonk Nikifor settle by the Lake of Volkozero in the Arkhangelsk taiga after having been expelled from the Solovetsky Monastery. Here they spent the last years of their lives before their tragic death. Now, almost 100 years later, the monastic life has re-emerged in these parts, with Zarechny Hermitage built anew. The film follows the difficult path of the two monks from a tent in an open field to a house with electricity, video surveillance, water supply, and vegetable garden. Do modern technologies interfere with spiritual life? Is there a place for creativity in Christianity? What is the hardest challenge in a monk’s life? The answers are in the film.

Inga Sharshova
< Director>

Inga Sharshova is Arkhangelsk-based journalist and film director.

Intellectual Center – Scientific Library of SAFU, social platform “ARCTIC OPEN without barriers”
Arkhangelsk, 1 Smolniy Buyan st
Inga Sharshova
Сеанс из двух фильмов: ФИОЛЕТОВАЯ СТРАНА, СКИТ. После фильма общение с режиссером Ингой Шаршовой


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