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< Spiaschaya Krasavitsa (SLEEPING BEAUTY)>

Director Yana Nedzvetskaya
Production Russia
16 мин.

The childless royal couple expected a child for many years. They have got a real monster after the birth of their daughter. The young princess made life in the castle unbearable. The bullying of the governess, who turned out to be an evil sorceress, turned into a curse for the whole family. Fortunately, the kind fairy turned the curse into a test of strength and gave the young princess a groom and eternal love.

Jana Nedzvetskaya
< Director>

Jana Nedzvetskaya was born on 25.12.1957 in Vorkuta (Komi Republic), Russia. She is a Russian designer, a member of the Union of Russian Writers, founder and creative director of LO brands, Jana Nedzvetskaya (JN), Lolly (children’s collection). For the first time in the world she presented a collection of clothes for water in online mode. They won world recognition and were broadcast on Fashion TV. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering (MISI), The Gerasimov Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) as a film director. Yana Nedzvetskaya’s clothes are worn by celebrities, many successful business ladies, female politicians and deputies.



2022 – “Sleeping Beauty”, short fashion film

International Film Festival “Northern Character”, Best Cinematography (2022, Russia, Murmansk)

Amarcort Film Festival. Honorable Mention (2022, Italy, Rimini)

International Short Film Festival of Children and Youth “Galaxy 35 mm” (2022, Russia, St. Petersburg)

Bogotá Music Video Festival (2022, Colombia, Bogota)

Fantasporto – Porto International Film Festival (2023, Portugal, Porto)

Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering (2023, Hungary, Budapest)

CMS, International Children’s Film Festival (ICFF) (2023, India, Lucknow)

Moscow International Design Film Festival (2023, Russia, Moscow)

ZERO PLUS International Film Festival (2023, Russia, Tyumen)

BJX Bajío International Film Festival (2023, Mexico, Guanajuato)

Bajo la Luna International Film Festival – Islantilla Cinefórum (2023, Spain, Huelva)

Pune Short Film Festival (2023, India, Pune)


2019 – “Killer News from Chukhloma”, full-length film

2019 – “Drama Queen”, short fashion film

2017 – “Exodus 20.”, short fashion film

2016 – “The Alphabet of ben Sirach. Lilith”, short fashion film

2016 – “What does a dead rabbit think about fashion”, short fashion film

2014 –  “Harmagedon. Psalm 36:29”, short fashion film



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