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Director Natalia Gugueva
Production Russia
1 ч. 29мин.

Camera operator Nastya goes to an inaccessible weather station with meteorologist Andrei in order to investigate the disappearance of a couple of meteorologists. Subsequently, she understands that Andrei was involved in the disappearance of this couple. But Andrei also suddenly discovers Nastya's connection with the missing people…

< Director>

Natalia GUGUEVA – script writer, director and general producer Multiple winner and nominee of Russian national prizes, such as “ TEFI”, “Laurel branch award”, “Nika”, “Zolotoy Orel” [Golden Eagle], “Bely Slon” [White Elephant]”, winner of the Grand Prix and prize-winner of international and all-Russian festivals. Chief film director of the Documentary Film Directorate of the main Russian TV Channel JSC



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